We manufacture many lines of stock panel (w-strap) and purlins as well as providing cutting and folding services for farming and construction purposes.

Stock panel

Rural Steel are manufacturers of Stock Panel (sometimes referred to as W-Strap), which is used for building stockyards and stock crates.  We roll it in 7”, 9” and 11” sizes in a galvanized finish with both single and double rolled safety edges which makes it suitable for many stock handling situations.  Our stock panel is rolled to 6.1M standard lengths, however may be rolled to whatever length your specific job requires.

Purlins (C Section)

We roll 100mm (4”) and 150mm (6”) Purlins on site which are rolled and punched to your specifications to reduce wastage and minimise hassle. 

Cutting and Folding

We have a folding machine, sheet/corrugated iron guillotines on site and our experienced operators can help you with most of your sheet and plate cutting and folding requirements.  Jobs can be from something as simple as plate and sheet cut to size, to complicated ute sides and tool boxes formed to your measurements.

We have a Punch & Shear which cuts and punch's steel up to 20mm thick, and a Band Saw for cutting all your large beams and packs of steel.